Since time immemorial, the city of Aswan has been renowned as one of those mysteriously therapeutic places, where you go have your sense of health and well-being restored. Yet it is neither a seaside resort or a spa destination.

Aswan is simply a city where everything seems to come together to create the perfect place for rest and relaxation. Here, the river Nile flows through granite rocks and small green islands covered with palm trees and tropical vegetation; the climate is wonderful and the natural environment quite simply mesmerizing. Could it be down to the charms of the nearby Nubia museum? Or maybe the proximity of the Pharaonic monuments? Or even the feluccas with their pristine sails drifting along the majestic river Nile? Maybe it's a combination of all of these that make Aswan such a unique city.

Yet Aswan has enjoyed this easy way of life since ancient times, especially when it was the commercial hub of the Nile. Today, it's the perfect location for discovering archaeological remains like the mausoleum of the Aga Khan, the Unfinished Obelisk Aswan and the remains of ancient Egypt, including the spectacular Temple of Isis which was moved from the island of Philae - submerged by the Nile - onto the island of Aguilkia. The renown of its most famous visitors, including Winston Churchill and Agatha Christie, is also a testament to this easy lifestyle. Strolling through Aswan's market, which gave the city its name (souan means "trade"in ancient Egyptian), you could almost believe you'd spotted Hercule Poirot. For this souk, and the streets running alongside it, have been attracting and enthralling generations of visitors for thousands of years now, with heady spices and perfumes, colorful stalls and a wealth of unique Egyptian and African products. You'll return with a new lease of life.

阿斯旺 • 埃及


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