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Known for its tolerance and diversity, Amsterdam gracefully and unostentatiously manages to maintain a harmonious atmosphere infused with romanticism. In this human sized capital, locals definitely live life to a different rhythm.

Whether you're travelling by boat, by bike or on foot, it is only by adopting a more relaxed, slower pace that you can feel yourself being enveloped by the beauty of the Netherlands, a country that reveals a true sense of simplicity, yet also a surprising complexity. The plethora of canals that criss-cross the city create a mysterious, lyrical backdrop to the most famous flower market in the world, prestigious diamond merchants and a daring creative scene. Amsterdam also epitomises the history of a constant battle against the sea, with extension after extension, and houses with their sometimes curved backbones using their stilts to fight back against the tides. Studded with thousands of majestic dwellings dating back to the Golden Age which are now listed historic monuments, the urban landscape is structured around the old town, with a network of winding canals which spread the libertarian, artistic and entrepreneurial spirit that have made the capital what it is today.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the rectangular Dam Square is the historic heart of the city. It was here that a dam was built in around 1270, marking the very beginning of this prosperous future port. To the east, the neon-lined windows and marijuana smoke rings mark the contours of the Red Light District, De Wallen. With its old medieval port, its huge expanse of light and its Sunday flea market, Nieuwmarkt presents a whole other more festive side of the city. Packed with restaurants, bars and clubs, the Leidseplein, southwest of the historic centre, is similar. In the summer, the terraces here are overflowing, and street artists are the icing on the cake of this charming tableau.
On the avenue that crosses this bustling square, Leidsestraat, there are plenty of international brands to choose from, and slightly more prestigious labels can be found on P.C. Hooftstraat. Further west, the pretty neighborhoods of Negen Straatjes (the 9 Streets) and Jordaan are graced with charming independent stores and cool designer boutiques.
For a breath of fresh air, visit the Oosterpark and discover the wild parrots which live there. More centrally, the Vondelpark combines large expanses of water with rose gardens and lawns, making this the perfect setting for a picnic before you soak up some culture in the nearby museums. Choose between the amazing Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and the Van Gogh Museum, next to the famous Concertgebouw concert hall. Spread across the city, there are plenty of other amazing cultural venues to choose from, starting with Anne Frank’s House, a moving reminder of Nazi brutality. Then there’s the National Maritime Museum, the Amsterdam Museum, the Hermitage Amsterdam, the Eye Film Institute… no fewer than 50 cultural institutions fill this pocket-sized capital which have made a huge impact on the international arts scene.
In memory of its past as a major port, Amsterdam has held on to its thirst for foreign flavors and spices. From fermented herring (“maatje”), eaten standing up in the street, to the cheeses that decorate many a shop window, the city is fiercely proud of its cuisine. Its love of quality ingredients and subtle combinations have helped to establish a number of Michelin-starred restaurants, such as Ciel Bleu, Aan de Poel and Bord'Eau, and nurtured unique foodie destinations such as De Kas. Set within a conservatory in which the food that adorns your plate is grown, the restaurant gives an explosive insight into an inventive new scene that reminds you that Amsterdam is first and foremost a land of audacity and liberty.

阿姆斯特丹 • 荷兰


入住可追溯到 17 世纪的运河住宅,带您直接走入阿姆斯特丹的历史。这栋住宅有着永恒典雅的奶白色墙壁和运用暖秋色调将古典与现代巧妙融合的家具。部分住宅设有小厨房和...


阿姆斯特丹 • 荷兰

美憬阁索菲特阿姆斯特丹 INK. 酒店

阿姆斯特丹 • 荷兰


索菲特阿姆斯特丹传奇大酒店坐落在阿姆斯特丹市中心的两条安静的运河之间,酒店拥有丰富的历史 – 包括 15 世纪的女修道院和市政厅等。这家阿姆斯特丹中心地段的酒店...


When to go

Amsterdam is a great city to visit all year around, since it offers a mild climate without extremes of temperatures. The coldest months are December to February with an average temperature of 3-5°C and the hottest months are June to September with temperatures between 15 and 20°C.

The best time to visit Amsterdam is from May to September when the temperatures are warm with an average of 18-20° Celsius. The average number of rainy days is high in Amsterdam compared for example with Paris. Rainfalls are generally at their highest from September to January.


  • Jan

    International Equestrian Event Jumping Amsterdam, late January

  • Fev

    Croos-linx Music Festival, classic and indie music, late February

  • Mar

    HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show, all of March

  • Apr

    King’s Day, 27th of April

  • May

    Vondelpark Open Air Theatre cultural festival, from May through to September

  • Jun

    Holland Festival, all of June

  • Jul

    Amsterdam Roots Festival, from late June to late July

  • Aug

    Uitmarkt Cultural Festival, late August

  • Sep

    Amsterdam Heritage Days, mid-September

  • Oct

    Amsterdam Marathon, mid-October

  • Nov

    Amsterdam Art Weekend, late November

  • Dec

    Christmas Markets, all December

Local methods of transportation mainly include: local cabs, private car services, rental car, trains, metro, trams, buses, bikes and boats.
Keep in mind that the historic city center is full of narrow streets and canals which are not very welcoming to cars. Renting a bike can be a great alternative if you feel comfortable riding in a city you don’t know or simply visit Amsterdam by foot.
Tram, bus and metro are operated by GVB, which offers unlimited-ride passes for one (7.50€) to seven days valid on trams, buses and metro.
Trams, which operate from 6am to midnight, are a convenient option to travel within Amsterdam city center. Buses and metro are more convenient for the outskirts of the city.
Keep in mind that when driving in Amsterdam, you must drive on the right side of the road.

Taxis in Amsterdam are convenient for long distances (Airport to city center), or at night when there is no other option of transport. Taxis can be expensive and cannot always navigate easily in a city with so many canals and narrow streets.
Due to the geography of Amsterdam, taxis cannot be hailed everywhere. However, you can find them at taxi ranks or book them in advance through one of Amsterdam's several taxi companies.
The initial charge is 2.83€ and then a maximum price of 2.08€ for each kilometer. Some additional charges may apply. Credit cards can be accepted and an additional charge fee may apply.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is located 17 kilometers from the city center. Expect a 30 minutes journey and a fare of 45€ (depending upon traffic and the time of day).
The Intercity Direct train is the fastest travel option between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Amsterdam Centraal Station. Departing every 10 minutes, the journey will take you 16 minutes and the fare is only 7€ on 1st class.
Metered taxis are available and private transfers can be arranged at the airports.

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