As evidence, Warsaw opens up and reveals itself through a thousand splendors, the eternal remains of a city that's unique in the world. A city that is quite rightly nicknamed the "phoenix city" because of its recent past, provokes admiration from the traveler at every turn.

Refined, diverse and indomitable, the beautiful Polish capital transcends the ages, knowing just how to retain its charm and former magnificence. It now shows off a radiant side that commands admiration and respect.

The first place to stop as you explore this jewel of a place should be the Church of St. Anne. Adjacent to the famous royal castle, it has stood proudly in front of the world since the fifteenth century and with every passing day it gives off a little more light. Its baroque interior, combining painstaking opulence and heavenly harmony, has an immediately moving effect, touching the hearts of its visitors. Generous in both its brightness and its simplicity, Warsaw has a rough diamond in its midst: The Lazienki gardens. With its 73 hectares, it acts as the lungs of the Polish capital, but is also home to many architectural jewels which some of the country's greatest artists worked on.
On this long list, its Palace on the water, the amazing combination of styles and techniques, is an offering to the visitor and a claim to fame all by itself.
Warsaw is also and above all else about its royal castle. As the former official residence of Poland's kings, it reflects the pomp and grandeur of the country without ever being discordant with the modesty that reigns in its streets and squares. Inside, collections of oriental rugs alternate with master paintings (Canaletto, Rembrandt, etc.) and successions of magical rooms and apartments await the traveler.
Never-changing Warsaw has a beauty that's as pure as it's rare, for which you are sure to feel an unwavering love.

华沙 • 波兰


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