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The islands of Thailand offers one of the most enchanting landscapes of South-East Asia: Ko Samui, Ko Lanta, Phuket, the Phi Phi Islands and the Similan Islands, or the more intimate Ko Kut and Ko Chang. These beautiful islands in the China and Andaman Seas are home to an idyllic succession of white sandy beaches and warm, translucent waters where multi-coloured fish weave in and out of the coral. But they also offer lush tropical forests and dizzying rocky peaks. A haven of exotic idleness, in harmony with an omnipresent, welcoming nature. All against a backdrop of the ancestral art of hospitality, mastered so brilliantly by the Thais. Indeed, Thailand has more than earned its nickname of the “Land of the Eternal Smile”.

This title is an intrinsic part of the identity of the proud Kingdom of Siam. Its age-old culture, fed into by the arts and Buddhism, unites this country of contrasts. What else would these seaside paradises have in common with Northern Thailand? Secretive and traditional, governed by the rice harvest, overwhelmed by its mountains covered in impenetrable forests, Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle are a refuge for ethnic minorities with some fantastic customs. Every year, Chiang Mai, the historic Northern city, comes to life for the legendary Yi Peng and Loy Krathong. During these festivities, thousands of lanterns fly up into the sky, while candles and incense race down the river, creating a mystical atmosphere.
The lights of bustling Bangkok never go out. Thailand’s capital, a megacity with more than 12 million inhabitants is home to many contrasts, including ancestral traditions and an ultra-modern way of life. In cosmopolitan Bangkok, from Chinatown to the Indian quarter, the whole of Asia seems to be in town. Dizzying skyscrapers live side by side with busy khlongs, luxury malls dedicated to excess live alongside floating markets, and traditional temples and imperial palaces co-exist with the Skytrain. The way of life here is multi-faceted and sophisticated, as demonstrated by the food, which ranges from trendy restaurants to traditional street food, all offering elegant, modern flavours that have proved popular in every corner of the globe.

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  • 华欣索菲特特色酒店

    华欣 | 泰国

  • 美憬阁索菲特华欣酒店 V 墅

    华欣 | 泰国

    华欣 V VILLAS 酒店集趣味十足的度假村氛围和低调隐私于一体,是崇尚精致生活人士的理想选择。酒店位于距离曼谷仅200公里的海滩,附近设有高尔夫球场和皇室夏...

  • 美憬阁华欣七岩沃伦塔水疗度假村

    华欣 | 泰国

  • 美憬阁索菲特芭提雅沃伦塔度假酒店

    春武里府 | 泰国

  • 美憬阁索菲特普吉岛芭东爱维斯塔度假酒店

    普吉岛 | 泰国

    屡获奖项的普吉岛芭东爱维斯塔度假酒店 (Avista Hideaway Phuket Patong) 可俯瞰南普吉岛三庄海滩和芭东海滩的全景。除了令人惊叹的街景...

  • 曼谷索菲特特色酒店

    曼谷 | 泰国

    索菲特曼谷特色酒店是都市住宿的天堂,设计灵感源自 5 种自然元素。距素旺那普机场 23 公里,位于 North Sathorn 与 Rama IV 路之间,方便...

  • 索菲特曼谷素坤逸酒店

    曼谷 | 泰国

    曼谷索菲特素坤逸酒店位于可爱的素坤逸路,周围就是曼谷的精华所在。这家一流的五星级酒店置身于商务金融区和高级购物区,拥有 345 间精致客房和套房,可以欣赏到壮丽...

  • 美憬阁索菲特曼谷VIE酒店

    曼谷 | 泰国

    位于泰国曼谷市中心的 VIE 酒店采用新潮的设计理念,旨在满足挑剔客人的不同需求。它将欧洲的典雅与泰式的华丽融合到一起,为商务人士和休闲旅客提供了独特的私人空间...

  • 美憬阁索菲特清迈沃伦塔高级度假村

    清迈 | 泰国

  • 甲米索菲特佛基拉度假村

    甲米 | 泰国

    甲米索非特佛基拉度假村是一座崭新的五星级殖民风格度假村,地处甲米的卡隆木昂(Klong Muang)海滩,可眺望安达曼海(Andaman Sea)。度假村包括2...

  • 美憬阁索菲特芭堤雅芭拉古达酒店

    芭堤亚 | 泰国

    芭堤雅芭拉古达酒店坐落在芭堤雅中心地带,靠近城市购物区、餐饮区和娱乐区。内设 72 间现代客房和时尚套房、一家全天候营业的餐厅、屋顶餐厅、水下酒吧和会议室。酒店...

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