A city that's the complete antithesis of her bustling sister, Bangkok, Chiang Mai is Thailand's second largest city, dominated by beauty and mysticism. To the chagrin of those who love night-time excitement and urban vastness, Chiang Mai offers an intense and intoxicating dive into national heritage, whether cultural, historical or natural. 

Like its many temples, known as "wats", the city has an architectural prosperity that commands respect, with sites whose elegance is magnificent. There's something magical about the astonishment that you feel as you lose yourself in these sanctuaries of infinite gentleness.

With each one being more unreal and characteristic than the next, Wat Phra Singh, a gigantic, 14th century mausoleum, amazes its visitors with the opulence of the gilding, sculptures and roofs. Hidden inside this setting of deep devotion, Phra Wihan Lai Kam is the most impressive of the site's temples, with its dazzling statue of Buddha Phra Singh.
You can find much less frequented sites than this last one, and at these you'll really be able to experience Thai tranquility. Despite having suffered the ravages of time, Wat Chedi Luang is one of the best examples. With its ancient walls around which groups of Buddhist monks practice their faith, this silent protector of the city reflects all the poetry of Thai heritage.
Numerous tourist attractions therefore offer a dreamy setting to the visitor of Chiang Mai who will enjoy getting lost in the hinterland of the city, particularly as they head off to one of the Hmong villages located near the Doi Pui mountain. A sacred site of Chiang Mai with Doi Suthep, the latter promises some unforgettable walks, as it serves you with a panorama of the city and its lush green setting on a silver platter.

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