Intoxicating both the heart and the soul, this elegant resort nicknamed the "Deauville of Thailand" transports the traveler to an Asian haven of peace.
Renowned all around the country, Hua Hin is a fascinating place to draw breath, a place where you'll discover all the sensuality and sophistication of the Thai people.

With its sultry elegance, the exquisite landscape is sure to win over anyone who takes to its coast road of bright colors, providing the best way for you to discover the country.

It is exactly here that in the early twentieth century the royal family built its summer palace, with it forging the reputation of Hua Hin. Still today, the waterfront has retained its princely elegance, displaying a rich architecture made up of enchanting Thai residences and villas.
The best way to discover the coast is to rent a bike and head off to explore the splendid surrounding countryside, with the turquoise lagoon as its backdrop, harmoniously blending with the lush contours of the coast.
The town and its region have so much to tell you about Thailand ... Especially given that the exciting metropolis of Bangkok is, all in all, just two hours away, positioning Hua Hin is a gateway to the whole country. But the city is much more than just a Thai stopover. Wat Huay Mongkol is the most astonishing proof of this with its gigantic statue, standing 12 meters high, of the Buddhist monk Luang Pu Thuat. This is Thai immoderation at its best and, at night, when it's illuminated, it provides a dreamlike spectacle. The Black Mountains water park, located just outside the town, will confirm this exuberant side, with hair-raising attractions for young and old alike.

华欣 • 泰国


华欣 • 泰国

美憬阁索菲特华欣酒店 V 墅

华欣 V VILLAS 酒店集趣味十足的度假村氛围和低调隐私于一体,是崇尚精致生活人士的理想选择。酒店位于距离曼谷仅200公里的海滩,附近设有高尔夫球场和皇室夏...


华欣 • 泰国


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