Windsor is a must-see for all those visiting Great Britain standing as the oldest and the largest inhabited fortified castle. For the past 900 years, the English Royal family has stayed within its venerable walls at least once a year. An opportunity for visitors to discover the splendid apartments which belong to English Royalty. 

Open the heavy doors of Windsor castle to expose the enchanting interior. The term prosperous loses meaning under this unbelievably high ceiling, meandering around the golden corridors enriched with gilding to enter the opulent living room. Use this iconic visit to Windsor as an excuse to visit the delightful chapel of Saint-Georges. Presenting decidedly Gothic architecture, this Anglican chapel initially surprises with the outside appearance, an abundance of stained glass. However, once you are in the nave, you can truly take in the ornamental richness. 

A range of impressive vaults adorn the ceiling, as well as dozens of coats of arms and the wonderful woodwork enriching walls. Once illuminated, the site appears fairytale-like and has an intimate, almost magical atmosphere.
However only upon strolling down the walkways of the Eton school can you really appreciate Windsor's grandeur. Founded by Henry VI in the 15th Century, the establishment has an air of civility, learning and wisdom, reflected via the red bricks of the wall. 
Here, time appears to vanish into thin air; reality mixes with a sophisticated and exceptionally welcoming Medieval setting. There is no doubt that a walk in the gardens, overlooking the castle, and the Lego models, will entertain the children.

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