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From the wild plains of the Far West to bustling Broadway, from 5th Avenue to Mount Rushmore, from the ice rink at the Rockefeller Center to the parquet floor of the big NBA matches… In every field, from music and film to sport and food, the United States is an inspiration to the rest of the world, radiating with exuberant creativity and cultivating the art of entertainment like nobody else. Everything that makes up the richness of this giant, made up of the diversity of its communities, now epitomises the ultimate benchmark when it comes to style as well as habits.

Much more than the sum of its 50 states, the United States of America is both a very concrete reality and a myth, a huge allegory of an urban landscape of concrete and steel and an ode to nature at its most majestic. From the multisensory chaos of New York, to the sunny nonchalance of Los Angeles, via the architectural avant-garde of Chicago, this country is the land of a thousand faces, each one more surprising and fascinating than the last.
Cooking up inventive, subtle food, chefs understand this plurality and incorporate it into their dishes: Thomas Keller, in his two Michelin-starred restaurants in New York and California, Daniel Boulud, ambassador for French cuisine on the other side of the Atlantic at his 13 addresses, and Grant Achatz in Chicago. 
It’s hard to find common ground between the rushing yuppie charging along Wall Street and the reclusive artist in Greenwich Village, the ambitious actress honing her skills on Hollywood Boulevard and the Texan cowboy looking forward to his next rodeo. Between the surfer on the beaches of Malibu, the experienced skier in Aspen, Colorado, the wise historian at the MOMA and the Las Vegas showgirl. Apart from the passionate love for the star-spangled banner that flutters outside every home.
Everything that has anything to do with the United States quickly turns into a cult treasure: Route 66, the mere mention of which gives bikers from around the world a real thrill; the magical greenery of Yosemite National Park; the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains or the deserts of Nevada or Arizona; John Ford’s beloved Monument Valley, or the steep streets of San Francisco, its Golden Gate Bridge and streetcars; the unbridled jazz nights in New Orleans, popular around the country, or the country rock of Nashville; the green baize of the tables on the Las Vegas Strip… Nowhere else on the planet inspires the traveller with such a thirst for escapism as this Leviathan between the Atlantic and the Pacific.

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  • 华盛顿拉菲特广场索菲特酒店

    华盛顿 | 美国

    索菲特华盛顿拉斐特广场酒店是这座都会城市最顶级的酒店之一。这座现代化的市区酒店位于拉斐特广场 一角,直接毗邻白宫。酒店位于一座历史悠久的地标式建筑内,此建筑首建...

  • 旧金山湾索菲特酒店

    旧金山 | 美国


  • 洛杉矶比佛利山庄索菲特酒店

    洛杉矶 | 美国

    Sofitel LA 是城市中最受欢迎的新热点,富丽堂皇的内部装修融合了典雅的法式风情和好莱坞时尚魅力。我们的洛杉矶酒店位于 La Cienega 和 Beve...

  • 纽约索菲特酒店

    纽约 | 美国


  • 芝加哥壮丽大道索菲特酒店

    芝加哥 | 美国

    索菲特芝加哥Water Tower酒店位于芝加哥市中心,拥有世界级的酒店设施,距离Magnificent Mile、 Michigan Avenue、现代艺术博...

  • 费城索菲特酒店

    费城 | 美国


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